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How Does it Work?


Adhunter is a free smart phone application that gives you the opportunity to locate deals where and when you want them. Check out the 5 easy steps below!
Hunt for Deals the Smart Way!


The customer opens the app on their smartphone, types in the product or service required and clicks on ‘Hunt It’. Instantly the deals from the nearest businesses appear on the screen as options. The customer approaches the business of choice and scans the QR code for the deal.  The deal is then “Captured” and the customer is able to retrieve their discount or deal. 

The great thing about Adhunter is that it matches up the customer with the retailer at their current location.  They can also share the deal with their friends by pressing the facebook and twitter buttons so they can all enjoy the same deal.  It’s that easy and that convenient. At the touch of the screen your business name and deal are out in the ether bringing in new customers.


  • - Multi platform – Apple & Android
  • - Affordable Advertising for your business
  • - Geo-locational marketing and advertising. Customers find you.
  • - Use your existing promotions with greater reach.  No heavy discounting necessary.
  • - Great introductory 3 month offer.
  • - Reach customers when they want your products and services.
  • - Promote brand awareness locally and nationally.
  • - Users can share your deal on their facebook page or twitter which promotes your deal to their friends.
  • - Unites retailers and shoppers
  • - Option to opt-in to our additional print and radio advertising at a fraction of the cost of doing it yourself.

Adhunter makes it easy for businesses to run their own advertising and marketing campaigns.  Now you can manage your own ads.  You can even write your own content and upload your YouTube video.

Simply upload your content and your own logo. The staff at Adhunter will ensure that your ad is properly uploaded and the content complies with advertising guidelines before it goes live.

Of course, if managing your own ad campaign is not your forte our staff can assist you with this process**.

Adhunter really is affordable advertising. It’s reasonably priced so even the smallest businesses can now become more competitive and we don’t play favourites. That’s the beauty of geo-locational advertising. It’s about which business is closest to the customer. Of course depending on your deal the customer could be happy to walk to your store.

Adhunter advertising is not about heavy discounting. In fact you can run your regular deals that normally only walk-ins would see. That way you can keep all your clients happy, existing and new.
We don’t bombard customers with endless notifications, fill inboxes with unwanted emails or spam them as they are walking by.  That way the integrity of your business remains intact.
Most importantly, the customers know that your business is out there. Sometimes customers just need a product or service and it really is all about location.

Adhunter closes the loop on the vouchering redemption process by helping you track your sales from each campaign with reports readily available to you on the Adhunter website under the Advertiser login section. Now you can quickly see your advertising and marketing budgets hard at work!

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*(Source – Telstra smartphone index and
**Additional costs may be incurred to create content, a logo and video, if required.