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Who Are We?

Adhunter provides a unique way of delivering user specific advertising and information to mobile device users based on various demographics such as location, age and interest.


Adhunter is an Advertising company that uses ‘Now Generation’ technology to provide affordable advertising for small to large business via a smart phone application.

The application acts as a medium for business owners to provide customers with advertisements offering immediate and real value where and when they want it.   Geo-locational marketing and advertising is a crucial method to keep businesses in touch with customer needs in a difficult economic climate. It is also the smartest new alternative to traditional (and expensive) methods of advertising.  Adhunter places businesses right in the palm of the customers’ hand.  The user controls how, when and where they receive deals.

Another revolutionary aspect of this advertising tool is that businesses can run their own advertising and marketing campaigns by simply uploading their content and logo. Waiting for print runs and magazine releases to get business deals out into the world is a thing of the past.  Now you can advertise your deal within hours of creating it.


As Business Owners and Managers we all know that shoppers can be spontaneous; question is how can we harness that spontaneity and bring the customers to us?

With Smart phone usage increasing by at least 14,000 handsets per month in Australia and rising*, it makes sense that retailers should find a way to reach their customers via their mobile devices and not just by letting them know where you are located but by actually bringing them to your door with offers that they normally would not see.

A recent article in the Smarter Business Ideas magazine, Jennifer Cromarty, Deputy Executive Director of the Australian Retailers Association stated that “regardless of a business’s size, what’s important is the ability of its owner to think creatively about how to engage with customers ...” She added, “A retailer should be looking at as many platforms as possible to get their product to their consumer.”

Cromarty went on the say “There are small businesses at the moment which are doing innovative things – they don’t have to be expensive [solutions].  There are enough people out there, and solution providers who are looking at inexpensive ways to look into these solutions.  ...seems to be a good way for retailers to attract and access that mobile market.”  “You’d be silly not to look into it.”

Luckily for business, and consumers, Adhunter has come up with the perfect solution; a simplified geo-locational marketing and advertising tool that brings business and consumers together. No need for experimentation with developers or even having to venture into IT.  Adhunter can get your business ‘mobile’ without costly and time consuming trial and error. You’ll also get more than customer feedback because with Adhunter you can actually track your sales from each campaign.

Mobile Advertising Benefits

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“We are committed to providing a cost effective advertising solution to our business customers with our cutting-edge technology to improve their competitive advantage whilst benefiting the end users.”